Displaying & User Testing Daisy Chain

The daisy chain was set up on the second floor of Crawford building. It was placed on a window as the window over looked a car park.  The daisy chains were set up in their correlating yeas, once they were hung on the window, they slightly resembled a bar chart as you could clearly see the difference in each county.

Once the users saw the daisy chains they thought they were fun and playful, but once they realised it was to represent road deaths on Irish roads, it had a different meaning. As they saw the daisy chains as people who lost their life on the roads, they had a deeper connection with the over-all piece. It was easy to capture passer their attention as the daisy chains were placed on a window between two flights of stairs.


Daisy Chain Implementation

I made the daisy chains based off of the highest road deaths in 5 counties. These counties are different for both years(due to the data). I bought five different coloured rolls from Vibes and Scribes, so the daisy chains are colour co-ordinated. Making the daisy chains took a few hours because I read the data wrong and the colour co-ordination was all messed up because of that. I had to remake a few of them due to my error in the process.

I rolled out the paper rolls and on the back of each role I plotted out the length (for example Dublin 2011 figure was 115cm). I did this for all of the counties that are being displayed. I then cut out the segment. After cutting out the segment, I folded it over several times, once I was happy with the size of the sheet I drew a figure on it. I cut around the figure to make the daisy chain.  The sizes of the figures in the daisy chains are different for each as it depends on the length of the segment cut and how many times it could be folded over. Also, if the segment was very long, this meant cutting out the foldings would be difficult as it was harder to cut through a thicker segment.

1. Dublin – Purple Roll
2. Laios – Bright Orange Roll
3. Clare – Dark Blue Roll
4. Meath – Dark Orang Roll
5. Wicklow – Bright Blue Roll
1. Wicklow – Purple Roll
2. Dublin – Bright Orange Roll
3. Wexford – Dark Blue Roll
4. Mayo – Dark Orange Roll
5. Clare – Bright Blue Roll

Road Deaths ; Daisy Chain Development

Due to the population figures being based on the years 2011 and 2016, I downloaded the correlating years road deaths from RSA. I added in the road deaths next to each county for that year.

I then divided the number of road deaths into the population. I rounded this number into the closest whole number. This took awhile as I went over the numbers a few times to check that they were correct. Also the metric measurement used was cm as that would be the easiest measurement to make the daisy chains.

Population ; Daisy Chain Development

I downloaded the population for each county for the years 2011 and 2016. I decided to do both years so the daisy chains could be used as a comparison. The user can see the increase/decrease of road deaths in these years.

The reason for using years 2011 and 2016 is that these are the years that the population census was carried out. There was no data for the years in between 2011 and 2016. The data sets were downloaded from CSO.  The images below are screenshots of the population. The population at the top where it says Population 2 is the 2011 figure and the below that is the 2016 figure.


Road Deaths Data Idea

“Life on the line”

Have cut out paper people and hang them off of a line in an open space. This would represent road deaths in Ireland over a 10 year period. Gather the average over this time and base that on the number of paper people hanging on the line.

Meeting with Trevor

Could possibly do the following:
stepper motors
pulling down is easier than pushing up
connect wire to centre of each county – connect wire/thread to stepper motor
gear shafts – using gears to make blocks go higher

-A piece of paper cut out in the shape of a stick man – stick it onto a tooth pick and dot 365 in a garden – memorial piece – data physicalisation embedded in a landscape in Ireland
-Bring data into people landscape  – have documentation of it
-Emotional connection
-Photographic Story – how the piece is made – people conversing
-Series of 4
-Merging different data sets (road deaths over x about of years, road deaths involving children, drink driving etc )
-Art Series – Similar approach – similar style – similar material
-Each person is responsible for a different data set (plot it out) + choose way of representing it