Daisy Chain Implementation

I made the daisy chains based off of the highest road deaths in 5 counties. These counties are different for both years(due to the data). I bought five different coloured rolls from Vibes and Scribes, so the daisy chains are colour co-ordinated. Making the daisy chains took a few hours because I read the data wrong and the colour co-ordination was all messed up because of that. I had to remake a few of them due to my error in the process.

I rolled out the paper rolls and on the back of each role I plotted out the length (for example Dublin 2011 figure was 115cm). I did this for all of the counties that are being displayed. I then cut out the segment. After cutting out the segment, I folded it over several times, once I was happy with the size of the sheet I drew a figure on it. I cut around the figure to make the daisy chain.  The sizes of the figures in the daisy chains are different for each as it depends on the length of the segment cut and how many times it could be folded over. Also, if the segment was very long, this meant cutting out the foldings would be difficult as it was harder to cut through a thicker segment.

1. Dublin – Purple Roll
2. Laios – Bright Orange Roll
3. Clare – Dark Blue Roll
4. Meath – Dark Orang Roll
5. Wicklow – Bright Blue Roll
1. Wicklow – Purple Roll
2. Dublin – Bright Orange Roll
3. Wexford – Dark Blue Roll
4. Mayo – Dark Orange Roll
5. Clare – Bright Blue Roll


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