FabLab Engraving

Today I travelled to the FabLab in Limerick to have our wooden height-map of Ireland laser-engraved. I had previously prepared designs in Adobe Illustrator.

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 10.30.54

The FabLab was a very interesting, collaborative space with lots of intriguing work going on.

I loaded my design up into the Lasersaur interface and calibrated the machine with my wood in place.

The first attempt came out perfect but with no centre-point markers on the counties to place the spikes, which I learned after was because the elipse shapes used were not compound paths. I reloaded the wooden piece into the machine and removed everything from the design apart from the markers, but unfortunately it didnt map things out the same and it ruined the piece.

I re-did the designs, replacing all the elipses with full stops and then outlining the text, and re-ran the piece through the machine on the back side of the wood which thankfully worked and re-produced the design exactly as it was on screen.



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