Data set – Irish Road Fatlities


Daisy Chain Draft Graphic

As part of splitting the dataset into 4 separate sections, one of the options we came up with was a daisy chain of people. They would be coloured based on the country/provence in which the data is derived from. They would be placed in a public space in order for people to interact with the artefact.



Road Deaths Data Idea

“Life on the line”

Have cut out paper people and hang them off of a line in an open space. This would represent road deaths in Ireland over a 10 year period. Gather the average over this time and base that on the number of paper people hanging on the line.

Meeting with Trevor

Could possibly do the following:
stepper motors
pulling down is easier than pushing up
connect wire to centre of each county – connect wire/thread to stepper motor
gear shafts – using gears to make blocks go higher

-A piece of paper cut out in the shape of a stick man – stick it onto a tooth pick and dot 365 in a garden – memorial piece – data physicalisation embedded in a landscape in Ireland
-Bring data into people landscape  – have documentation of it
-Emotional connection
-Photographic Story – how the piece is made – people conversing
-Series of 4
-Merging different data sets (road deaths over x about of years, road deaths involving children, drink driving etc )
-Art Series – Similar approach – similar style – similar material
-Each person is responsible for a different data set (plot it out) + choose way of representing it

Ideation for RSA Data

Now that we have defined what our dataset will be, I started going through a process of mocking up various ways we could visualise different aspects of the data. Below is a compilation slideshow of some of the sketches/ideas.


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The ideas are wide and varied enough to be situated in different spaces. For example, some are interactive installation pieces that could be placed within a gallery whereas others could be placed in public spaces.