Meeting with Trevor

Our targets – 16 – 25 year olds
Purpose – Raise awareness about deaths on roads
Where it could be displayed – RSA , school demos, college demos – road safety week
Drink Driving in Europe

*extract different data from the sets
*find the data sets first
*leave our minds blank and see if there is correlations
*topic may be too general
*re-think idea, find appropriate data sets
*doesn’t have enough of impact.
*take a step back – whether we need to re-address the topic we have chosen – we could be 3 weeks behind if the topic is to be re-picked
*re-jig approach
*2 people mine data sets that are already there and 2 people chose 2 new topics

Streaming services vs TV (cable)

Drug Overdose rates in America.

Driving Deaths Stats

Meeting with Trevor Notes

Take data that is relevant to our project (filter down data)
Reliable Data (data that is not empty in cells in excel sheet etc)
1.Data Mining  – raw data sets – excel sheets etc
2.Pick one of the data sets that we can work with – data cleaning (is there data missing / is it too big or small etc)
3.Design process – don’t do this until we gather all the material – analytical phase – prototyping – testing etc – who are we designing for – how – where – why – what is the purpose – what is the context of the project
4.Design is a logical process – answering questions above

Set up google docs so we can all access the data spreadsheets and see them ourselves
CSO – eurostat