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Photobook Production

We all gathered the images we wanted to feature in our photobook from production stages to display of the various pieces. Aaron created some nice divider & cover pages for the book and I took the files to Soundstore where we could layout and have a bound hardback scrapbook personalised and produced for us.

The kiosk for layout of the book turned out to be quite restrictive, particularly for sequencing of images and it was more intended for randomised photo albums, but after about quite a bit of rearranging and trial & error I was able to compile something that reflected & documented our process of each visualisation. The book was printed and bound and then available for collection later in the same day.

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 12.07.59

We were all very impressed with how the final book turned out and it was a nice way to package all of our work.

Jam Jar & Jelly Baby Representation

I took lead on the development of the jam jar and jelly baby data visualisation. This visualisation represents the average amount of deaths over the last 10 years in each county in the Republic of Ireland based on RSA and Gardaí data. The 26 identical jars represent each county and the jelly babies represent the average of people who died. Underneath each jar lid contains the average number of fatalities per county.

This project makes for interesting viewing as the juxtaposition between the sweet and colourful jelly babies and a dark, morbid dataset creates a form of shock value for the audience.It was compelling to see how different people interpreted the visualisation. The project was set up and displayed for an audience in CIT for viewing and interaction.


Displaying & User Testing Daisy Chain

The daisy chain was set up on the second floor of Crawford building. It was placed on a window as the window over looked a car park.  The daisy chains were set up in their correlating yeas, once they were hung on the window, they slightly resembled a bar chart as you could clearly see the difference in each county.

Once the users saw the daisy chains they thought they were fun and playful, but once they realised it was to represent road deaths on Irish roads, it had a different meaning. As they saw the daisy chains as people who lost their life on the roads, they had a deeper connection with the over-all piece. It was easy to capture passer their attention as the daisy chains were placed on a window between two flights of stairs.

Displaying & User-Testing The Heightmap

I took lead on the development of the laser engraved wooden height map data visualisation. This visualisation represents the average amount of deaths over the last 10 years in each county in the Republic of Ireland based on RSA and Gardaí data.

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The final piece is very intriguing and invites people to inspect closer and cautiously touch each of the points as they interact with the piece. It is fierce looking and as is the data that it is representing, it looks dangerous but at the same time aesthetically pleasing. I really like the shadows that the skewers cast and how they can change the look when the piece is viewed under different lighting.

We found that the piece was easily understood and did not require any explanation when it was displayed & tested. Users were quickly able to interpret that the number of deaths was encoded into the height of each county’s skewer

Displaying & User Testing Car Chime

Once the car chime was built it was time to test it and get people to interact with it. We wanted to display at least one of the projects on the roadside so we went down to Crawford school and hung the chime from a smoking bunker at the roadside. We then observed people interacting with it and asked them to try and depict what they saw, a lot of them pieced together that it had to do with road deaths but didn’t realised that it was related to Cork.

This was a useful experience and it also opened other peoples eyes to figures and facts that they might not have thought about before. avantgarde1_61avantgarde1_63avantgarde1_65avantgarde1_66avantgarde1_68avantgarde1_72avantgarde1_74

Daisy Chain Implementation

I made the daisy chains based off of the highest road deaths in 5 counties. These counties are different for both years(due to the data). I bought five different coloured rolls from Vibes and Scribes, so the daisy chains are colour co-ordinated. Making the daisy chains took a few hours because I read the data wrong and the colour co-ordination was all messed up because of that. I had to remake a few of them due to my error in the process.

I rolled out the paper rolls and on the back of each role I plotted out the length (for example Dublin 2011 figure was 115cm). I did this for all of the counties that are being displayed. I then cut out the segment. After cutting out the segment, I folded it over several times, once I was happy with the size of the sheet I drew a figure on it. I cut around the figure to make the daisy chain.  The sizes of the figures in the daisy chains are different for each as it depends on the length of the segment cut and how many times it could be folded over. Also, if the segment was very long, this meant cutting out the foldings would be difficult as it was harder to cut through a thicker segment.

1. Dublin – Purple Roll
2. Laios – Bright Orange Roll
3. Clare – Dark Blue Roll
4. Meath – Dark Orang Roll
5. Wicklow – Bright Blue Roll
1. Wicklow – Purple Roll
2. Dublin – Bright Orange Roll
3. Wexford – Dark Blue Roll
4. Mayo – Dark Orange Roll
5. Clare – Bright Blue Roll